Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
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Anyone paying attention to current affairs in the financial or technological sectors will almost certainly have heard of something called Blockchain. Since its invention just over 10 years ago, Blockchain tech has become an increasingly exciting part of global business and economic affairs. Despite this, however, the vast majority of people don’t really know what it is.

This course has been designed to provide a detailed introduction to Blockchain, with the aim of helping students gain an edge in some of the world’s most cutting-edge sectors. As such, our Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency programme will cover a range of key issues relating to Blockchain tech.

This course will help you:

Gain a fundamental understanding of what Blockchain is, and how it works;
Understand the theory behind some of the most common applications of Blockchain, including cryptocurrencies and security;
Gain an insight into what the future might hold for Blockchain technology.